• Colleen Drage
    Colleen Drage

    A Life On Country

About Colleen Drage

Colleen Drage is a senior Nhanda woman, and cultural leader in the community. Colleen grew up in Ajana and on the Murchison River, then moved to Northampton for her high school education. Colleen has a strong cultural background from her early life on Murchison House Station, with strong memories and stories from aunties and uncles and particularly her father, Clayton Drage, a respected station worker at Murchison House Station. Colleen’s family,  like many of the local families lived and worked for sustenance on stations while others lived in communities on the fringes of towns.

The bush was our playground

Colleen shares stories of growing up on country in the 1960’s. Picking quandong fruit for jam with aunties, cooking damper on the campfire and creating her own dolls from banksia seed pods. As an artist, Colleen’s childhood memories influence much of her art, depicting scenes from life on country, like the artwork below titled: Women Gatering.

Celebrating Nhanda Country
 Through Art

Colleen’s artworks depict the landscape and tell stories of life on Country. Scenes of  women gathering bush foods and cultural activities are interwoven with memories of her childhood growing up on Nhanda Country.

Through a number of different artistic mediums including painting, textiles, screenprinting and jewellery, Colleen celebrates her Culture and Country.